Bitcoin -This is an electronic currency that we can earn on the Internet. Earlier this could be done only through mining and trading, but now there are websites that give us the opportunity not making special efforts to earn precious coins by simply browsing the sites.

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For a limited time, new users will receive a free 20 GH/s towards their SHA-256 mining.

World Mining
The World Mining Company presently has the most powerful industrial and private facilities
The company offers to rent new powerful servers that are located in the UK.
Rental price: from $ 15 to $ 2025 Term of lease: 360 days
Bonus when registering: Purchase 30 Gh / s of S1 server for the amount of 4.5 USD

Updates on the website of mining!
Bonus - 30 / 2uHash - for 30 days! 31 2uHash = BTC: 0.00050151
Only for the month of December, take an additional 25%
in buying any amount of 2uhash Purchases from the balance are again available
Minimum amount of payments: ฿ 0.004
 NEW! Added coin Bitcoin Cash Automatic Payout - After 0.004 BTC

A service for leasing capacities for bitcoins mining with the help of virtual servers
Cloud mining with a high degree of security
The ability to output bitokoyanov at any time The bonus for registering 50 GHS is free
At the conclusion of Satoshi you need to buy a minimum of 20 GHS
Free 50 GHS (Lifetime) Investment Bonus
No Difficulty Increase No Maintenance Fee
Mining coins added => UNIT  -  ETH
15% Affiliate Bonus
Minimum withdrawal Bitcoin : 0.005BTC, TX Fee : 0.0007BTC ( VIP TX Fee : 0.0002 )
Minimum withdrawal Tether : 15USDT, TX Fee : 5USDT ( >100USDT TX Fee : 0.5USDT )
Minimum withdrawal Universal Currency : 0.01UNIT, TX Fee : 0.00001UNIT [ Jan 31 2018 ]
Minimum withdrawal Ethereum : 0.01ETH, TX Fee : 0.002-0.004ETH

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Earn upto  0.000002/click
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0.00015 Instant payout
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40 Satoshi Per Click   50% Referrals clicks commission  Minimum Cashout 0.0003 BTC
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Company Shares, Crane, Mountain Workers
and tons of innovative features to earn bitocline every day

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A small threshold for payments. The minimum amount for payments totaling 0.00012 BTC
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 Earn bonus of 0.0008BTC (get a free 4 days HoneyBee)
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Weekly contest and referral!
0.00200000 The minimum amount of payments!

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Clix4btc provides a quick way to earn bitlock online. It is a platform for advertising and pay for clicks (PTC), where advertisers can advertise users of bitcoins at a low price, and members are paid for viewing ads, doing assignments, using cranes, games and much more. Per click: up to ฿ 0.0000012 Minimum payout amount: ฿ 0.00025

Earn bitkoyn online, viewing ads and many other ways to earn bitokoyn. Advanced redirect filter activity. Available upgrade plans. Instant payment.
Per click: up to 40 satosh. Minimum amount of payments: ฿ 0.003

Welcome to Bitcoclicks. There are many ways to earn bitovines, offer walls, pay per click, Clix mesh, bitcoin collector, traffic exchange and much more.
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Minimum deduction: 0.02 ETH

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Bitcoin is a payment system presented as open source software in 2009 by the developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Payments in the system are registered in the public book using your own account, also called bitcoyne. Payments work peer-to-peer without a central repository or single administrator, which led to what the US Treasury called a bitlock decentralized virtual currency. Although its status as a currency is disputed, media reports often refer to bitcoin as either a crypto currency or a digital currency.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for the work of processing payments, in which users offer their computing power to check and register payments in the public book. The named mining companies, individuals or companies participate in this activity in exchange for commission fees and newly created bitcoyne. In addition to mining, bitkoyny can be obtained in exchange for cash, products and services. Users can send and receive bitmooney in electronic form for an additional transaction fee, using the purse software on a personal computer, mobile device or in a web application.

Bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services has grown, and traders have an incentive to take a digital currency, because fees are lower than 2-3%, usually shown by credit card processors. The European Banking Agency warned that bitkoyn does not have consumer protection. Unlike credit cards, any fees are paid by the buyer, not by the seller. Bitcoins can be stolen, and a refund is impossible. Commercial use bitkoyna currently small compared with its use of speculators, which feeds price volatility.

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